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Why Use Body, Soul & Soap?

Body, Soul & Soap Co. creates healthy, chemical-free products that are great for women, men, kids and pets. All of our products are homemade with high quality ingredients and never any parabens or sulfates. With our products you can have peace of mind that what you are using on your body is natural, effective and nourishing. We are also one of the very first soap companies in East Tennessee to use hemp oil in our products. Hemp oil’s benefits are above and beyond what you would ever expect not just for your skin but internally as well. You can find out more about all of our natural ingredients on the Ingredients Info Page!


Since the beginning of humanity, women have used natural, earthly ingredients to bring forth their beauty. When and why using natural occurring ingredients changed? I’m not sure. So I decided to create my own products that made me feel clean and pretty while knowing I wasn't putting any unnecessary chemicals on my body. I also wanted beauty products that I felt comfortable giving to people I know and love. These products are made with high quality, natural ingredients. When you use these products, you can feel comfortable knowing what you're putting on your body came from this earth, not chemicals made by man. Body, Soul and Soap products are made with carefulness and respect for the environment in East Tennessee.


Want more than just soap? Body, Soul and Soap Co. also has all natural Shampoo Bars, Body Scrubs, Lotions, In-Shower Body Balms, Lip balms, Face and Eye Cream, Facial Toner and Bug Spray. Like the soaps, they also have zero sulfates or parabens. Body Scrubs and lotions contain a paraben free preservative to extend the life of your product.

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